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A new video appointment solution from Medixine!

Medixine has launched a new feature in its Medixine Suite- product: video appointments. The solution enables healthcare professionals to schedule and hold video appointments with their patients.

With the new video appointment solution, doctor and patient can communicate effortlessly and safely via a secure video connection. Before the first video appointment, the patient is identified either at the doctor’s office or through electronic means, and a digital patient account with ability for remote access is established. Both doctor and patient log in to the system using two factor authentication before the video appointment starts.

The Medixine Suite- solution notifies the doctor and the patient of upcoming video appointments, and offers clear instructions for the use of the solution. Medixine Suite also ensures that both doctor and patient have access to the same data and can view the patient’s health information during the call. All health data can be shared in a safe and easy way.

With Medixine Suite video appointment, a patient can meet his doctor from the comfort of his own house, without any unnecessary stress or need to travel.

Medixine video appointment can also be used with mobile devices.

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