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Register Description for Marketing Register of Medixine Ltd.

Register description according to Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 §

1. Register Holder

Name: Medixine Ltd (from here on, Medixine)
ID: FI09799015
Address: Keilaranta 17 C, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Phone: +358 9 4520020

2. Contact information for Register inquiries

Medixine Oy,Keilaranta 17 C, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Phone: +358 9 4520020

3. Name of the Register

Marketing Register of Medixine Ltd (from here on Register, Date of creation 18.5.2018). The Register is maintained in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud service.

4. The Purpose of Handling of Personal Information

The Register contains information of Medixine’s prospective clients or other prospective customer organisations.

The information in the Register can be used for the following purposes:

  • Marketing of Medixine’s products and services, handling of communications and sales, development, targeting and follow-up
  • The production, offering, implementation, targeting, development and maintenance of Medixine’s websites and services
  • Executing Client Satisfaction surveys, Market Surveys and Opinion Polls
  • Analytics and Statistics purposes for the website
  • Other similar intended uses

Personal information will be handled according to Personal Data Act and other applicable legislation to the extent of the law.

Personal information can be used for direct marketing, if direct marketing is allowed according to law and the person hasn’t informed of his request to cancel receiving of direct marketing.

5. Information content of the Register

The Register may contain following information:

  • First name and last name, title, position and contact information in the company, such as e-mail and phone number as well as other necessary contact information
  • Information concerning customer relationship, such as customer feedback, customer contact, the name of the company or entity the person represents, the position in the company or entity, contact information of the company or the entity and product- and order information
  • Mailing lists (for example, Newsletters)
  • Information concerning permission for and prohibition of direct marketing
  • Information concerning use of the services as well as information connected to sales and marketing
  • Possible information about profiling and interests given by clients or users
  • Other possible information gathered with the consent of the client or user

The Register’s information content may vary depending on which campaign Medixine offers, which event will be participated in or which service is used.

6. Regular Information Sources

The information concerning the registered person will be acquired primarily directly from the individual in question when he or she gives the information during a client event, campaign, contest, webinar, loading of material or when using the services provided by the controller of the register.

The information can be updated from other registers of the register holder.

The number of persons that have visited the website and other general anonymous information is tracked by analytics and cookies or other corresponding techniques.

7. Regular Release of the Information

Data management may include third parties; the information can be handed over to the third parties for processing for justifiable intended use according to Personal Data Act.

Information that has been given through the website can be handed over to the following parties:

  • The personal information can be handed over to service providers which participate in the implementation of the website or of our services.
  • To the other Personal Registers of Medixine such as Client Register according to Privacy Law to the extent of the law.

In addition to this, the information can be handed over to third parties in a form which prevents identification of any individual user, in this case the information is no longer identifiable personal data.

8. Transfer of Information outside of EU or EEA

The information can be moved outside the European Union or European Economic Area, among others to the register holder’s service provider in the U.S.A according to Privacy Law to the extent of the law.

9. Principals of data protection of the Register

Only employees that have the right to handle user and/or client information as part of their work have the right to use the system which contains client and user information. Each user has a personal username and password to the system.

Written contracts are made with potential outside service providers, which obliges them to keep the information confidential and protected.

10. Right to Inspect

The registered person has a right, according to the Personal Data Act, to inspect and when needed to rectify, the information that has been saved to Medixine’s Register or that the Register doesn’t contain any information concerning that person.

The inspection demand can be presented as follows:

  • A written and signed inspection demand is sent to the representative of the register holder, to the address presented in paragraph 1, or sent by e-mail to the representative of the register holder.
  • The inspection demand is presented in person at the address presented in paragraph 1.

11. Time of Storage

The information is typically stored as long as the person performs work tasks that are related to the marketable product or service and the person hasn’t declined to receive marketing communication. The user can also request that the information concerning the person in question is deleted by the register holder by contacting the representative of the company presented in paragraph 2.

12. Right to Request Correction of the Information

If there are errors in the registered information, the person can request rectification of the errors from the contact person presented in paragraph 2.

13. Other rights connected to handling of personal information

The registered person has the right, according to article 30 of the Personal Data Act, to forbid the use of the information concerning that person for direct advertising, sales, and other direct marketing, market research, and opinion polls as well as personal registries and genealogy. For any issues concerning this matter, please contact the company representative mentioned in paragraph 2.

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