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Continuing our growth in the U.S. – Medixine strengthens remote digital health offerings and accelerates development of new tech features with new key appointments in the U.S. and Finland

Medixine prepares for 2024 with two key senior hires, VP of Operations in the U.S. and VP of Engineering in Finland. The appointments will enhance support and service to our U.S.-based partners, including leading respiratory homecare provider Lincare and a major medical device manufacturer. In addition, the new hires will enable streamlined design, testing, and deployment of new product features for more patient-centric, cost and time-effective treatment of chronic conditions.

ESPOO, Finland (December 7th, 2023) Finnish health tech company and remote patient monitoring platform provider Medixine has continued its growth by appointing two key senior personnel. The company’s ongoing expansion in the U.S. is strengthened by new VP of U.S. Operations Josh Parkinson, who will provide enhanced support and facilitate the growth of Medixine’s U.S. customers and partners, with future plans to establish a U.S.-based subsidiary.

In Finland, the company’s software development team has appointed VP of Engineering Jani Similä to lead the digital platform’s technical development, enabling faster deployment of new features in patient-centric care that are rigorously tested to meet the demands of front-line digital healthcare.

The market value of remote patient monitoring in the U.S. is expected to exceed USD 25 billion by 2028. Remote patient monitoring has been steadily gaining prevalence as an effective and efficient care solution for common chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, and COPD. It is estimated that chronic diseases account for approximately 86% of the total healthcare costs in the United States, with similar figures recorded worldwide. These impacts and costs are projected to rise for years to come.

Based in Chicago, Parkinson brings experience from both technical and business viewpoints, a background in software architecture, engineering, and development, and consultancy expertise in improving B2B processes, people, and systems. Having a physical presence in the U.S. is seen as a vital step in advancing Medixine’s expansion and capacity to develop more effective partnerships with its existing customers, helping them to expand the number of patients they can support, and increase the number of conditions that can be effectively treated using the digital remote patient monitoring platform. The presence will also facilitate the establishment of new partnerships in the United States.  

“Medixine’s first U.S.-based appointment marks an important milestone in our continued growth in a market where we already have a strong foothold and excellent relationships with existing partners,” says Lasse Rousi, CEO at Medixine. “Demand for remote patient care in the United States is high, as there are often vast distances between patients and healthcare providers. With Josh’s appointment as VP of U.S. Operations, we have an all-important physical presence. From this, we look forward to developing even closer relationships with our American customers and delivering more agile, higher-quality support to bring remote digital care’s substantial benefits to even more patients and clinicians across the United States.”

Medixine’s technical advancement, including developing new features for additional treatment areas, will be led by the new VP of Engineering Jani Similä, based in Espoo, Finland. Similä’s background in software development brings expertise including full-stack development, CI/CD engineering specializing in software architecture, and application lifecycle management. Robust testing of new digital solutions is essential in the healthcare sector, another area where Similä brings a wealth of experience that will help streamline the deployment of new features and accelerate the addition of solutions to offer the benefits of remote patient monitoring to even more common chronic conditions.

“Medixine is seeking opportunities to develop new product features to serve the changing needs of patients and clinicians, and we’re excited to benefit from Jani’s strong expertise in agile software design, testing, and development,” says Lasse Rousi, CEO at Medixine. “At Medixine we’re striving to lead the way in patient-centric care solutions that also give clinicians and caregivers the tools to streamline their work. Jani’s background and expertise in efficient software design and implementation are precisely what we’re looking for. His understanding of how to develop solutions that see the bigger picture helps us in our mission to offer long-term valuable solutions to the whole healthcare system.”

Medixine’s remote monitoring platform provides all the tools a healthcare professional needs to treat patients without physical presence. For example, patients with chronic conditions can be treated from the comfort of their homes, with the measurement of vital signals such as blood pressure, ECG, and oxygen saturation recorded without needing a hospital visit or any additional hardware.

The remote patient monitoring platform is currently in use in six countries, with its services covering a population of 2.5 million patients. Customers include, for example, leading U.S. provider of respiratory care Lincare and its mother company Linde, Nestlé Health Science, NHS, the North and South hospital areas of Denmark, and Finnish Student Health Services.

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