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Excellent results from PHR pilot in Helsinki

The results of City of Helsinki’s ground breaking pilot project testing the effect of population screening and health coaching using a PHR are in!

In the pilot 5.000 citizens between the ages of 45 and 49 received an invitation letter which brought over 15% of the recipients as users of the Medixine Clinic PHR. After filling an initial health questionnaire the users were allowed to have lab tests for defining their cholesterol and blood glucose levels. 41% of the participants had an elevated risk to diabetes and 39% had an elevated risk to ischemic brain events.
In the pilot all users were offered automatic health coaching.
In a questionnaire after the pilot 37% of the participants had increades their physical activity, 42% had changed their diets and 36% had registered weight loss.

>> A more detailed description here (in Finnish)

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