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Information Governance Statement for Medixine Suite


The Medixine Suite product is used by Medixine’s customers to provide remote services in healthcare. All services based on Medixine Suite are owned and governed by Medixine customers and Medixine only has access to healthcare data in conjunction with servicing and supporting the customer.

Hosting of services

Hosting of Medixine-based services is governed by Medixine’s customers. Hosting services may be provided by Medixine’s or the customer’s sub-contractors. Hosting of data is provided according to the legislation and regulations in each country where services are provided.

Collection of personal data

The system stores patient data according to the specifications and configurations provided by the customer. The data includes typically the name, sex, birthdate and social security number or equivalent identifier of the patient and data collected by the system such as remote measurements, messaging and answers to questionnaires.

Who can access the data?

Medixine Suite has several layers of protection making sure only relevant parties can access the users’ data.

Medixine employees often have administrative access to the system. Medixine Suite is built with extensive options to limit personal health data access so that only users that have been explicit access to personal data. All Medixine employees have signed an NDA clause about the commercial and patient data of customers.

What are the purposes the data is used for?

Medixine systems are typically used for remote healthcare services such as messaging, video connections, questionnaires and remote monitoring of vital signs. Medixine customers are typically healthcare providers, insurance companies or pharma- and device companies. Personal data is used to provide the best possible care for the user. Sometimes the data can be anonymized and used for purposes of research and machine learning but this will always be clearly mentioned in the specific service’s user agreement or privacy statement. Medixine follows the required local and international legislation in using the data.

Medixine will only access data in Medixine based systems when authorised to do so by our customer. Medixine will never share the data stored in Medixine Suite based systems with third parties.

Medixine will never use the data stored in Medixine Suite based services for any other purposes than those described above and agreed on with the customer and the user.

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