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Medixine brings Christmas joy for child health centers

Traditionally Medixine gives every Christmas something back to the local community. This year we provided toys for all the child health centers in the city of Espoo. The toys provided were much desired and needed, for they were chosen from a wish list made by the child health centers themselves.

The gifts were handed out by Medixine’s Sales Manager Hanna Iisalo in a brand new child health center in Espoo. From this location, toys will be forwarded to 20 other child health centers in the community and placed in their waiting rooms.The toys were accepted by the Manager of Health Care in Espoo, Raija Vanhatalo. Also the employees of the health care center, nurses Tuula Svahn, Arja Erma, Leena Ahokas, Tiina Kotajärvi, Sari Nikkanen, Kerstin Järvinen and Pirjo Poutanen were present.

We hope that the toys bring many enjoyable and happy moments for the children, parents and the whole personnel!


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