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Medixine develops the digitalization of occupational health services in cooperation with LähiTapiola

LähiTapiola is one of the major insurance companies in Finland with ca 1.6 million customers. During the spring and summer of 2016, LähiTapiola tested how digitalization and eServices can be utilized in occupational health services. The target group consisted of 100 LähiTapiola employees. The project was implemented together with Medixine and Medixine Suite was used as the technical platform of the project. Dextra Occupational Health was also one of the cooperation partners.

The aim of the project was to test the functionality of electronic symptoms questionnaires, health checks, remote video appointments, secure messaging and remote monitoring from both the client’s and professional’s perspective. In the beginning of the project, every employee conducted an electronic health check and a survey of well-being at work. According to the results, employees received a report of their health risks and, if necessary, a recommendation for digital wellbeing coaching.

“With eHealth our goal is to reach an optimal service level, which is sufficient but not over scaled and which saves both the client’s and the professional’s time. We are facilitating the process of contacting professionals and bringing the person proactively to the service”, says development manager Suna Saadetdin from LähiTapiola.

“LähiTapiola took full advantage of Medixine Suite’s wide feature set. The advantages of product based projects were proved by the fact that the whole service was implemented and deployed in just six weeks”, says Dr. Tapio Jokinen, CEO of Medixine.

During the project, it was noticed that digitalization makes it easier for the employees to contact occupational healthcare. The contacts happened primarily through eServices and the number of traditional phone calls decreased. Telehealth functioned as a good tool to process especially non-urgent cases. According to LähiTapiola, the overall picture received from the project facilitates the development and management of wellbeing at work and the planning of occupational health.

The project continues during the autumn as LähiTapiola’s personnel experiments with health coaching aiming to change customers’  ways of living and to increase general wellbeing.

You can find more information of the subject here (in Finnish).

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