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Medixine Suite version 8 released

Medixine Suite is a cloud software program that provides comprehensive communication, monitoring and cooperation tools for all parties of the care process. It is based on a powerful and versatile core that can easily be tailored and extended with a set of product modules.

All the functionalities have been further developed in the latest version of Medixine Suite. Most recently the secure instant messaging (chat) and video appointment have been integrated into the product. Instant messaging includes a virtual lobby function where the customer can see the queuing situation and the estimated waiting time and healthcare professionals can select patients from the queu. Video appointment works with the latest versions of commonly used web browsers without any additional software or plug-ins. The quality of the video streaming is excellent and the video can also be used in remote diagnostics.

We are now also presenting a new mobile software program for remote monitoring which is integrated with the most important measuring devices.  Typical measuring devices are blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and blood glucose meters. This Medixine Hub program is part of the CE Mark certified product.

One of the key modules of the product is also secure messaging which is suitable for non-urgent interaction. The secure messaging supports message templates and therefore communication can be linked to care processes.

With screening rules patients with deviating values can be lifted to the daily working agenda. Screened patients are represented with clear and unambiguous traffic lights. The Case Management functionality turns flags into cases and that way the completion of the tasks can be monitored.

The new Medixine Suite 8 is available immediately. Please contact for further information.

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