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National student healthcare deepens co-operation with Medixine

The national Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) introduced the Self Portal, a student e-service solution provided by Medixine and Vitec, in January 2017. You can read more about the different functions of the connected health portal at  

In addition to the portal FSHS also put out to tender an on-line appointment system and chose Medixine’s solution. The online appointment system includes video remote visits between the customer and the professional and secure instant messaging (chat) as well as video communication between professionals. Remote diagnostic equipment such as stethoscopes and otoscopes can also be connected to the service. The virtual meeting service is based on the Medixine Suite video and chat modules and will be an integrated part of the Self Portal. The Medixine Suite Video is running in a standard web browser using WebRTC so users do not have to install any additional software. A student can use the portal on a mobile device or a PC. The virtual meeting service is to be introduced at the turn of the year.

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