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New version of Medixine Clinic Team Edition Published!

Medixine Clinic Team Edition is a web-based communication solution designed to help patients and health care providers to communicate more efficiently and to provide tools for preventive self-care of chronic diseases and wellness. Clinic is more than just a passive health database – it offers health programs to support patients’ more active role in their own health care and provides a multichannel communication system between patients, their family and health care professionals.

A new, advanced version of Medixine Clinic Team Edition has now been published.

Medixine Clinic advantages:

Easy to configure – Customers can easily import relevant content to Clinic and create health programs for self-care. Customers can choose which health programs are activated, no additional consulting or coding from Medixine needed.

Easy to integrate – Medixine Clinic’s open interfaces provide for problem free integration.

Patient-centric – A patient can invite friends, relatives and professionals to access his/her health information.

Mobile use – Medixine Clinic has modern browser user interfaces and client software programs to the most common mobile operating systems: Android, Windows Phone and iPhone iOS.

Ready-made access point solutions for home measurement devices –Over 35 different home measurement devices have been integrated to Medixine Clinic. Results of home measurements help the professionals to react in time and make necessary changes to patients’ treatment.

Safe messaging – The Medixine Clinic product is CE-approved. All communication is private and easy to manage.

Easy to adapt – User interface can easily be customized to meet customers’ needs.

A sneak peek of the new Medixine Clinic has been already given to customers in Australia, UK, Denmark and Finland, the response has been very positive. The new version is now available for demonstrations and pilots, please contact for the sales person closest to you!

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