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President of the republic, Tarja Halonen presents the Excellence Finland Award 2011 to City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki Health Center received on November 10 the Excellence Finland Award 2011 for quality innovation.The price was presented by the President of the republic of Finland, Tarja Halonen. The winning “Health Card” project was based on Medixine’s PHR (Personal Health Record) and Health Screen.

The background to the project was the fact that in any population a large number of citizens are suffering from a chronic disease without being diagnosed and treated. Screening of large populations with traditional means is too expensive. Empowering the citizen to perform the screening independently solves this problem.

5000 inhabitants received an invitation letter, 800 of them created their own PHR. In the PHR they could print out a remittance to a laboratory for testing blood glucose and cholesterol. The PHR is integrated to the laboratory system and all results are stored in the PHR. Based on the results, the users were triaged into three groups. If values were too high, the users were forwarded to their care provider. Citizens with mildly elevated values received automatic health coaching for three months after which the tests were repeated.

Medixine co-operated in the project with Finnish Duodecim Kustannus Oy, that provided the content for health coaching and a health questionnaire.

>> Press release in Finnish


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