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Medixine Suite is now in use in Valencia, Spain, for chronic heart disease patients  

Medixine’s remote patient monitoring platform is now used in Valencia, Spain. The solution is used in clinical trial to monitor patients with chronic heart disease. The trial is executed in cooperation with the Valencian Community, Hospital General Universitario de Valencia, and the pharma company Novartis. Medixine is providing the technology together with its local partner, Movsa.  

This marks the first time that remote monitoring has been used in Valencia for heart illnesses. The goal is to introduce the system as a regular way of delivering care for chronically ill patients.  

We’re excited to see the potential of remote monitoring for chronic heart disease patients in Valencia,” says Movsa CTO Fermin Nuevo.  

Our collaboration with Medixine has the potential to provide a new standard of care for this patient group and help us better understand how remote monitoring can be used to improve outcomes for other chronic illnesses in the future.”  

Fermin Nuevo, CTO of Movsa

Medixine’s platform allows patients to monitor their health from home, providing regular feedback to their healthcare provider and enabling quicker interventions when necessary. This means that patients can receive care without leaving their homes. The technology also reduces the need for in-person visits and minimizes the risk of conditions deteriorating.  

Our platform is designed to simplify the care of chronic diseases, allowing healthcare providers to offer top-quality care even from a distance. We’re confident that this program will pave the way for more widespread use of our platform throughout Europe” says Medixine CEO Lasse Rousi.  

“Partners like Movsa are invaluable for us to reach new markets and bring value to the healthcare system. Combining our refined technology with Movsa’s deep local market knowledge and contacts, we were able to move to the market swiftly and start creating value for the end customers”.

Lasse Rousi, CEO of Medixine
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