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Vi ses på Vitalis 2022!

We are attending the leading Nordic e-health meeting Vitalis in Gothenburg on May 17-19, 2022. At Vitalis, the representatives from municipalities, regions, private care providers, authorities, academia, and industry meet for competence development, exchange of experience, and inspiration.

You will find us from our partner CGI’s stand B07:03. Together with CGI, we will raise the discussion around the difficult topics in healthcare’s digital transformation. We want to help you to find the best solutions you need to deliver modern healthcare and tackle the issues.

Theme: “The elephant in the room”

The “elephant in the room” does not go unnoticed even if we ignore it as much as we can. In modern health and care, several different elephants are seen taking place today. With the help of healthcare professionals, partners in the industry and, above all, users of healthcare and care services, we want to see if we can make these elephants visible.

For Vitalis 2022, we have identified three:

  • Do all healthcare professionals have to be human?
  • We do not just need more hands – we need it to happen.
  • Can I let data control me?

With us, you can enjoy a drink in the bar, eat popcorn and experience the e-health cinema.

Whether your challenge is about resources, digitization, collaboration or business management: Come and explain where your challenge lies, and we will help you find your happy ending. Our experts in e-health have the solution.

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