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Medixine’s team enhanced with competence in service and project management

Annika Tentke started as Service and Project Manager at Medixine

Our comprehensive team of professionals got reinforced with service and project management skills. Annika Tentke, an experienced professional in projects and app development started at Medixine as Service and Project Manager at the end of February.

You have a major in physiology and neurosciences from the University of Helsinki, but you’ve worked most of your career in the IT-sector. How did you end up in this field?

I studied minors e.g. in computer science and environmental science, and through them started a summer job as an application tester at Logica (now CGI) in 2011. My fixed-term contract was then changed to a permanent one after summer.

I worked at CGI for almost 10 years and gained experience in various areas: testing and training, app support, continuous services’ maintenance as well as leading supply and development projects and supporting sales and marketing.

Even though my responsibilities have changed, a customer-orientated approach and creating value to customers have always been the essential elements in my job.”

How do you spend your free time?

“Playing sports; I love exercise, and sports have been my way to relax, relieve stress and spend time since I was young. My favorite sports vary every few years – right now I’m into dancing, surfing and functional training.”

What inspires you in Medixine?

“The hot business idea! The demand of self- and remote care is rising all the time, and the possibility to treat and monitor chronic diseases at a patient’s home is now more important than ever. I feel that solutions for remote care and new ways of working are indispensable when we are moving towards effectiveness-based healthcare.

This development in technology and new innovations helps to allocate healthcare providers’ limited resources to cases that need physical presence.”

 What kind of expectations do you have for working at Medixine?

I’m looking forward to interesting and diverse work tasks that challenge me. I hope the work here helps me develop my skills even further, and I’m sure I will learn a lot about this industry. Most of all I’m waiting to get to know my new colleagues, whom I hopefully will be able to meet in person as soon as possible.”

A warm welcome to Medixine’s team, Annika!

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