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Medixine named as one of the major players in the industry in a new market report by GME 

A new report from the international market research organization GME (Global Market Estimates) names Medixine as one of the major players in the global market of third-party Personal Health Record Software. Medixine is named as the only Scandinavian company. 

GME forecasts the Personal Health Record Software Market to grow significantly, at a CAGR value of 5.6 percent from 2021 to 2026. 

Main factors ithe exponential market growth according to the report are 

  • The rising demand for cloud-based software for managing patient data and for centralizing and streamlining the use of healthcare data  
  • Urban patients are being more aware of the opportunities and risks of medical data storage and management 
  • Rising government initiatives to promote paperless data integration in the healthcare industry  

 “We are really delighted that our business was noticed by significant objective operator such as GMEWe firmly believe that with our deep understanding of international connected care we will strengthen our position even more in the coming years”, says Medixine’s CEO Lasse Rousi.  

Source: Global Personal Health Record Software Market – Forecast to 2026 

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