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Excellent combination of medicine, technology and business in Medixine’s board

Tapio Volanen - Tero Sarkkinen - Tapio Jokinen - Pekka Mustonen

Medixine board (from left to right): Tapio Jokinen, Tapio Volanen ja Pekka Mustonen

Medixine’s new board has a clear goal: securing and speeding up the strong growth of the company. The board has a strong competence in medicine, software technology and business, and these together make a winning combo for Medixine. All board members are motivated by the market’s acute need for solutions in e-health.

Medixine’s board got new members this autumn, when Pekka Mustonen and Tapio Volanen joined the board.

“All board members are real professionals in their own fields. I trust that with this team we can truly support Medixine’s management towards international breakthrough”, says chairman of the board, Tapio Jokinen.

Read below more about the board and what motivates and inspires them at Medixine:

Tapio Jokinen founded Medixine 20 years ago and was the CEO until last year. Nowadays Jokinen is the chairman of the board. He is a medical doctor, specialised in clinical neurophysiology. He has also been a serial entrepreneur in healthcare IT from the mid 80’s until the year 2000 when he started focusing on Medixine.

“Medixine is a pioneer in e-health solutions and our holistic vision has always been ahead of it’s time. Now the market is ready for Medixine’s offering and we are looking forward to strong international growth. It is rewarding to see that our brilliant team’s years of work bears fruit.”

Dr. Pekka Mustonen, M.D., Ph.D., is the CEO of Duodecim Publishing Company. He has known Medixine closely for almost 20 years, but started as a board member only this autumn. He has a strong background in research and will bring a medical point of view to the board.

“E-health solutions have already made a breakthrough in the private sector, but their services are often built in-house. In primary care the demand for solutions like Medixine’s  is going to be huge in the coming years. It is very interesting to be part of the team and support our growth as a board member.”

The latest member of the board is Tapio Volanen, M.Sc. (Economics). He has over 30 years of experience in the ICT field. He has worked in different roles in well-known global companies such as Oracle, Logica and last at CGI as Senior Vice President responsible for strategic clients in Northern Europe

“The solution that Medixine offers is modern, truly cloud-based and suits well different organizations in the international market. Now it is essential to make the right choices and actions that ensure Medixine’s strong and profitable growth from now on. I believe that Medixine’s success comes from a mix of a youthful energy and new, open-minded ideas seasoned with wide experience and great networks.”

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