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Medixine appoints Lasse Rousi as CEO

Lasse Rousi ja Tapio Jokinen

Medixine Ltd appoints Lasse Rousi as CEO. Prior to joining Medixine, Rousi worked as director of digital healthcare solutions at CGI. Rousi will assume his position as CEO by November 11th, 2019. The founder Tapio Jokinen will continue as chairman of the board of the company, he will also be responsible for strategic partnerships and participate in key customer projects.

“Medixine has reached a good position as forerunner in the fast growing international connected care market. As connected care is now entering main stream internationally Lasse’s successful international experience in specifically Medixine’s category of solutions fits us perfectly. ” says Jokinen.

“Medixine’s innovative product and success so far are impressive. Medixine has a good chance of becoming one of the major actors in the international market and I am thrilled to join the team and continue this success story! “, says Rousi.

Medixine Ltd. specializes in e-services software for health care and wellness that yield smooth communication processes resulting in high quality care and cost savings. Medixine has over 10 years of experience, its solutions cover a population of over 2.5M in six countries.

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