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Medixine and DigiEcoCity agree on eHealth framework development in China

DigiEcoCity Oy is a Nordic consulting firm that specializes in developing ecological and sustainable cities for the IT era together with local government and landowners.  DigiEcoCity has contracted for planning and managing implementation of two new cities in China. Both of these cities will have a population of about 100 000.

An e-health concept is an essential part of digital infrastructure for a DigiEcoCity. In DigiEcoCity wellbeing of the people is integrated into city life. Healthcare starts from health promotion, healthy living habits and encouragement, as well as from measuring and storing information on these activities. Personal Health Record (PHR) is the personal digital data store that will contain citizens ‘ personal health information.

In this partnership Medixine Oy has the responsibility of co-concepting the eHealthcare framework for DigiEcoCity and is the preferred coordination party in building a network of companies for a sustainable eHealthcare framework and solutions within the framework for the Chinese market.

The overall urban and conceptual planning of these two cities is already on the way and the city construction work is planned to start in May this year. The eHealthcare system is expected to be operational from 2012 onwards.


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