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Medixine in the fight against the COVID-19



Last week we announced a version of our Medixine Suite product that is tailored for use in the Corona virus pandemic. We have received lots of interest since, it is rewarding to note that we can be of help in this global crisis.

Home monitoring, information sharing and symptoms follow-up with a telehealth solution offer a way to efficiently use resources where they are mostly needed  – without risking transmission of the disease. In addition to normal phone calls, secure messaging, chat and video can be used to remotely care and assist patients and their families.

We have made the COVID-19 solution our top priority and will keep you posted on the developments. Our demo site is available upon request and we will keep you updated on social media channels and at

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Medixine has finished the preliminary configuration and workflows to the platform for coronavirus specific requirements from WHO. We are now ready to proceed to bringing the solution to use by meeting the country or area specific requirements together with our customers and partners.


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Medixines’ staff is now working remotely and all our meetings have been changed to teleconferences. This does not affect any of our projects or our customers’ production sites.  

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