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“Medixine is a forerunner in remote care, and it’s nice to work at a place filled with talent” – Meet Tero Hotti, the Design Lead at Medixine. 

If the scenery changes around you, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. That is why Tero Hotti is still at Medixine after 20 years. There is no need to leave when everything you might be looking for comes to you.  

Tero joined Medixine while he was still studying. It is clear that Tero likes it here, and we wanted to talk to him about his experience. 

Here we go! 

First things first, tell us about the magic of Medixine. 

It’s a great place, with wonderful people and fascinating experiences. I have had moments when I have felt like it was time for something new. But then, something interesting happens each time: a new customer or new teammates, a change in the business model, or new technologies adopted. I have always wanted to see how those things pan out and what I will learn and experience.  

As an employer, Medixine is unique in considering everyone’s life situation. Everything has been possible, whether paternity leave or a surfing holiday in Asia. This flexibility is a perk I appreciate, so I stay for those reasons. 

During your time here – what have you done?  

At the moment, my title is Design Lead. I’m in charge of the UI and usability of our product, the remote monitoring software platform Medixine Suite. My daily tasks are everything from discovering new possibilities, improving our user experience, and gaining customer insight and feedback to creating polished designs and implementing them for production. 

In a way, I have always had the same role because even though I’ve been a product manager, the focus has always been on user experience. That is the domain I feel at home in. If I were doing business or admin stuff, I would feel less comfortable. I like working on concrete problems, and I enjoy coming up with simple solutions to customers’ problems. 

Are there moments that stand out from those 20 years?  

There have been many good moments. One highlight that comes to mind is when in 2022 we got to start with a big client from the U.S. A milestone like that is excellent for a Finnish company and brings with it a lot of exciting things. We went there to help them set everything up, so I got to travel to Florida a couple of times. I prefer to travel for business sparingly, but visiting the Americans has been nice. 

Another great win was that we were among the first European companies in this field to receive the CE certification under the new EU-legislation MDR (Medical Device Regulation) couple of years ago.  

One personal achievement I had was when we were involved in a tender some years ago, and I had a crucial role in building a demo for the client. We received the maximum points and won the tender.  

One thing, though it’s not exactly a “moment,” is that I enjoy seeing the company’s growth story. We used to sell a lot of tailored solutions, and while it brought a lot of exciting and fresh challenges to our developers, our approach needed to be more precise and easier to scale. As we have pivoted to more of a product house, we have gained clarity and focus on what we want to build. This development has been an exciting journey to be a part of. 

It seems clear that customers are important to you – how does this transcend to the rest of the organization? 

Customers come first. Everything at Medixine revolves around our customers. 

I mentioned that I like to work with concrete things. All of the problems that we aim to solve are real problems. In practice, we do a lot of user testing, demos, and customer research. When we make changes to the software, we always communicate tightly with the customers. It is an ongoing dialog where we do quick iterations and receive customer feedback as soon as possible. 

Medixine is known for giving employees much freedom, responsibility, and possibilities to influence – how is this visible in your work?  

Our team works very independently, and we make our own decisions regarding, e.g., what tools we want to use and how we want to work. There is very little bureaucracy and micromanagement. Instead, people are trusted, and everyone is free to voice their opinion. 

Lastly, how would you describe Medixine to someone considering joining Medixine? 

Medixine is a forerunner in remote care. While those words do not necessarily say much, it means that we do meaningful work here. We help people live better lives as they can stay home instead of being locked in hospitals. And to be honest, it is nice to be the very best at what you do! 

Additionally, if you care about the atmosphere of your workplace and you want to work somewhere where the vibe is positive, people are fun, and the organization is agile, this is a safe bet. 

Want to learn more about working at Medixine? See the vibes from our Instagram account!

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