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Nestlé’s first Medixine-based service going into production in the UK


Vitaflo International, which is part of the Nestlé Health Science company, specialises in clinical nutrition products for metabolic diseases. After a successful pilot involving several UK National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts, Vitaflo is now introducing a new connected care service for UK patients using a ketogenic diet to manage intractable epilepsy. Based on Medixine Suite, the service includes a bespoke Medixine mobile application for patients and a connected web service for NHS dieticians.

Patients can closely monitor their nutrition ensuring an optimal ketogenic effect to help manage epileptic seizures. The patient app allows for recording meals and the number and type of seizures. Healthcare professionals can view this information and provide prescriptions of diets to patients.

“We wanted to invest in a new type of service to better serve our customers. The feedback from the pilot was very positive both from patients and dieticians. Parents were especially happy for the added security the app and the service bring”, says Paul Rainford, head of digital marketing at Vitaflo. “Vitaflo has a global footprint and we are now planning the next steps in rolling out the service outside the UK.”

Read more in the press release (Pdf)

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