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New remote healthcare service immediately ready for use

New remote healthcare service immediately ready for use

Press Release / HELSINKI, Finland (June 15th, 2021)

Leading Finnish telehealth provider Medixine launched a new service that allows doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals to start using video consultation and secure communication tools at the press of a button. As it is immediately ready for use, the Medixine Online service is the first of its kind in Finland. Currently the service is only available in Finnish.

Remote receptions have come to healthcare to stay. More and more healthcare providers have woken up to the fact that easy-to-use digital solutions bring several benefits. They allow care resources to be directed to where face-to-face care is really needed, while improving client involvement in their own care path. 

The range of services is wide, and there are many ways to organize remote receptions and communicate. However, if you want to take care of patient safety, any video connection or messaging tool doesn’t come into play.

It’s important to us that the doctor and other health professionals don’t have to choose between ease of use and patient safety. Medixine Online users get both”, says Lasse Rousi, CEO of Medixine.

The Saas-based service is ready to use in less than 5 minutes and the features are designed to be intuitive and simple to use. The professional can enable two-step authentication when logging in to the service, and patients always log in to the service with bank IDs.

Medixine Online received the best possible rating in the security audit carried out by Silverskin Information Security. Silverskin is a cyber-attack company specializing in hackers’ perspectives, and they aim to expose security threats through controlled cyber-attacks.

Security was audited in two phases, and the report issued after the latter round did not raise comments on any of the audited areas.

Building better healthcare

Medixine Online’s technology is based on Medixine Suite, a comprehensive telehealth platform. The new service includes essential tools for remote care: video reception, secure chat and a messaging feature that replaces email. 

In the autumn, the service will be supplemented by a survey function. Electronic health questionnaires make it easy for professionals to reliably collect data that affect the treatment.

We have had the chance to follow the digitalization breakthrough in healthcare since 2000. We want to enable healthcare professionals to focus on the patients that really need the help. We strongly believe that digitalization and virtual care can also improve people’s ability to operate actively for their own health and thus prevent many serious diseases”, says Rousi. 

The Medixine Online service is widely suitable for various healthcare providers: it can be used by a single professional as well as a public healthcare provider. Functional and safe telehealth tools facilitate the treatment process not only in primary health care, but also in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, mental health services and social work.

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Medixine is an experienced telehealth provider that has built an all-in-one digital platform for virtual care to support healthcare professionals focusing better on the patient. Established in 2000 in Finland, we currently operate in more than 10 countries and have successfully delivered telehealth solutions for customers that include the NHS, Linde, and the Finnish Student Healthcare Service (FSHS) and A-Clinic Ltd in Finland. The Medixine Suite platform covers remote patient monitoring, automated screening, video consultations, secure messaging, and more. Contact us at for more information.

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