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Fresh expertise to Medixine’s technical team

Medixine strengthened its team with two new IT experts: Mikko Toitturi and Niclas Ekman. Niclas works as a Junior Software Developer and Mikko as a Technical Software Specialist. 

Welcome to Medixine, Mikko and Niclas! Tell us a little about yourself.

“Thank you! I’m Niclas, originally from Turku and recently moved to Helsinki. I’m currently finishing my studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences, and will graduate as an information and communication technology engineer, specializing in cyber security. I have only the last internship and thesis left in my studies. I’m glad I can do both of these at Medixine! ” 

“Hi, I’m Mikko and I’m from Lappeenranta. I have graduated from the University of Jyväskylä with a degree in Information Systems Science. I specialized in combining software development and business. I recently worked in Estonia for almost a year. There I found that I get along well between the technical part of the job and the customer interface, and I’m thrilled that it’s also something my job here at Medixine includes.” 

How do you spend your free time?

Niclas: “I like to play sports and spend time with my friends. My absolute favorite sports are downhill skiing in winter and frisbee golf in summer. I have also played football for 11 years.”

Mikko: “You will most probably see me  jogging, going to gym or swimming. I have already run several half marathons and my goal is to some day run a full marathon. I also like to play guitar. ”

What do you expect from you career in Medixine? 

Niclas: “In addition to working with experienced and nice co-workers, I’m looking forward to developing tools that make customers’ lives easier and better. I also hope to learn a lot about working with customers and best practices in the industry.”

Mikko: “I look forward to an interesting job and the opportunity to grow in the industry. My own career is still quite early, so it’s great to be able to put into practice what I learned at school.”

What inspires you here? 

Niclas: “I am inspired by how the important work, the software development, a good work atmosphere and nice co-workers are combined in here. These are not all taken for granted today and that is why I am very happy to have started my career with Medixine.” 

Mikko: “I especially appreciate that I can be a part of an important thing and influence how the company and its business develop. Working as part of a competent team also inspires and encourages good performance ”

How have the first weeks been?  

Niclas: “I have had a very welcomed feeling here from the very beginning. Everyone has been nice to me and I have gotten help when needed.”

Mikko: “My first weeks here have felt really good. I have the impression that all of us has a lot of work to do, but the same time employees are very well taken care of. The team is super talented, and everyone is willing to help you when advice is needed.”

A warm welcome to Medixine, Niclas and Mikko!

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