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Electronic questionnaire as a tool for social work’s self-assessment in Espoo

The City of Espoo is piloting an electronic well-being meter for the adult population this year. The tool is built using Medixine Suite’s advanced questionnaires.

Remote tools for communication, self-assessment and consultations are already becoming mainstream in the healthcare sector. The City of Espoo wants to develop its range of digital services also in social care. In April the city introduced a digital well-being assessment tool for the adult population to meet this need.

From our customers’ point of view we want to develop our services in the direction of self-service. From the professional’s point of view, it is important to make use of the structured recording that Kanta services require. We also want to expand the practice of using the information that a customer has given beforehand as a basis for the meeting.

Project expert Kaisa Palomäki from the City of Espoo.

The well-being assesment tool has been developed in co-operation with Socca, the Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Electronic questionnaire has versatile benefits

The technical implementation of the meter is done by Medixine. Medixine Suite software makes it easy to create, edit, and manage questionnaire forms and data gathered via questionnaires. The software has intuitive user interfaces for both customer and professional.

In Espoo’s pilot citizens fill the well-being meter anonymously and no information of the user’s identity is stored. If any of the aspects on the analysis gives an alerting result, citizens can submit a contact request for adult social work through the meter.

Medixine’s electronic questionnaire makes transactions easy in a many different cases. Via dynamic guestionnaires it is possible to gather data in different stages of a care path and monitor customers’ well-being or patients’ health during treatments, as well as collect data for research.

Sales Manager Hanna Iisalo from Medixine.

New ways of working

Kaisa Palomäki says that citizens have shown tentative interest towards the well-being meter and that it has been well found on the Espoo website.

Through the pilot we get to look at a new kind of customer entry path. The service gives us a more accurate image of what kind of a change the new working style would bring and how it affects the course of a customer meeting, she describes.

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