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Medixine is supporting the development of health techologies

Medixine awards an annual scholarship to promote research in digital healthcare services. This year we awarded it to Eva Collanus from the University of Turku.

Eva Collanus is a Master of Information and Communication Technology. She is about to start a dissertation on the development of health technology through common methods.

The nominator this year was IT-director Pia Haglund from Vaasa Hospital District. 

Eva’s topic is very topical and important. In her research, Eva focuses on the health technology of the hospital environment. Multi-professional, all stakeholder sensitive product development is vital for their functionality. Hopefully, this research will provide a workable model of practical development that will involve users themselves more strongly in the development of various health technology products”, Haglund justifies the choice.

With the scholarship worth 1 500 euros, Collanus intends to fund her participation in  European Conference on Information Systems organized in Romania in July 2022. The theme of the conference is Digitally United Societies. 

We received a commendable amount of applications. They represented a diverse range of perspectives on research into digital social and health services, approaches and the systems that support them. We are proud to be able to promote the development of expertise in the field in Finland”, says Linda Pynnönen, Marketing and Communications Manager at Medixine.

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