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Unique e-service solution for students

In the year 2012, Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) began a project to renew their patient information system. A tender for a comprehensive e-services solution was included in the process. Vitec was chosen to deliver the patient information system while Medixine would provide the e-services.

Based on the Medixine Suite product, FSHS’s online service, was opened for test use in June 2016. The service has approximately 124 000 university students as potential users at the moment. With the service, students can for example complete electronic health checks and questionnaires and check and cancel appointments. A video appointment and safe messaging modules will be added to the service later this year. Both of these modules will be provided by Medixine Ltd.

”For Medixine the FSHS’s service is the first, where we are able to utilize nearly all the abilities of our Medixine Suite -product from questionnaires to video appointment. A deep integration to the modern patient information system will enable new kinds of processes that are based on co-operation between professionals and patients. Students will surely be very active users of e-services. FSHS’s services will be an important reference to Medixine also internationally.”, says Dr. Tapio Jokinen, CEO of Medixine.

See the full press release (PDF in Finnish)

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