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CGI and Medixine partner to increase the availability of flexible healthcare services in Sweden

The new partnership increases the availability of digital tools for healthcare providers in Sweden, allowing them to effectively meet the needs of more patients while also addressing demographic changes in society.

Press release – Stockholm, Sweden (June 29, 2022)

Leading IT solution provider CGI and self-monitoring platform provider Medixine have partnered in Sweden. In the core of the partnership is the ability to offer healthcare service providers better digital tools and improving flexible access to healthcare for patients. The partnership adds the Medixine Suite, an all-in-one telehealth platform for patient communication and remote care, into CGI’s portfolio of software solutions for health, care, and nursing, making all of its features available to CGI’s clients.

​​We are pleased to be able to complement CGI’s already strong service portfolio in health in Sweden with the market’s best solution for telemedicine. We know that regions, municipalities, and private care providers have an increased need to combine physical, traditional care with new digital working methods to meet the challenges of the future and, at the same time, give residents the conditions to live good and healthy lives.”

Lars Axell, Vice President, Head of Government & Health at CGI in Sweden

Access to healthcare is also a matter of equality for citizens.

“Through the partnership, we can contribute to better and more equal care regardless of where in Sweden the citizen lives,” summarizes Lars Axell from CGI Sweden.

Reducing waiting times and unnecessary traveling with remote patient monitoring

Although access to healthcare is fairly convenient in large cities, patients – regardless of age – are looking for more convenient options for routine visits to the doctor. Meanwhile, in the more remote rural areas of Sweden, patients may have to drive several hours just for a 30-minute doctor’s appointment to monitor blood pressure or blood sugar levels as part of the management of chronic conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes.

New alternatives for self-monitoring can benefit both patients and healthcare providers, not least by increasing equality in the range of care as people living outside cities and urban areas have better access to healthcare. Using Medixine’s remote care platform, patients can measure their blood pressure from home by using a connected device that sends health data to the Medixine Suite. Then, a doctor or a nurse can easily access the information.

“Healthcare service providers have started to actively look into remote healthcare and other digital healthcare tools to better meet the needs of their patients. We are delighted to partner with CGI to provide Swedish healthcare service providers with more telehealth options. This will impact both patients and healthcare providers positively.”

Lasse Rousi, CEO of Medixine

A survey conducted in 2021 found that almost 60% of Swedish residents felt waiting times to get a doctor’s appointment were too long. Sweden’s healthcare services have been impacted by worsening nurse shortages, leading to fewer nurses having to take care of more patients than before. With a chat function, one nurse can help three patients in a matter of minutes, whereas, at a clinic, it can take 20 minutes to take care of just one patient.

“We see demand for remote care continuing to grow strongly in Sweden. Healthcare centers and hospitals are looking to pilot new tools to gauge their usability and effectiveness in improving work satisfaction and quality of patient care,” says Rousi.

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