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Focus on product-driven growth – Meeri Siljamäki joining Medixine team

Medixine’s business is growing rapidly in several different market areas. Becoming a global leader requires new talent and strong product management. The latest addition to the team is Meeri Siljamäki, a software product expert with a long background in international business. Meeri joined the team in March.

Experience from leading positions at Wolt, Grubhub and Discover

Meeri Siljamäki has a strong product management background. She is responsible for developing Medixine’s product strategy further and managing the entire Medixine Suite product. Before Medixine, Siljamäki worked as the Head of Product at Wolt in the Fintech segment. She has also worked in the United States for 15 years in various positions in the financial sector. She has led both new product innovation teams and global B2B product development teams for example at Grubhub and Discover.

“Medixine’s comprehensive remote care platform helps healthcare professionals focus on what matters most –  to the patient. We want to be the leading provider of remote healthcare technology globally. To achieve this, in recent years we have shifted our focus to a more product-oriented way of working. It’s great to have such an experienced product expert like Meeri in the team to strengthen our offering.”

Lasse Rousi, CEO

Benefits to customers

At Medixine, Siljamäki is inspired by the product itself, great customers, partnerships, and colleagues, and the importance of health technology on a larger scale.

“Medixine platform is already intuitive and pleasant to use for both patients and healthcare professionals. I’m excited to get to develop it even further to meet the needs of our customers”.

Meeri Siljamäki, VP Product & Operations

“Health is one of the top priorities for people. Addressing and managing health issues can be stressful and this is where Medixine can help. I love using technology in solving everyday practical challenges like communications. At Medixine we have a common goal in helping provide better health to our users”, Siljamäki says.

For Medixine’s customers and partners, the product focus is reflected in an improved ability to meet the needs of the industry. Through stronger product management, we can utilize the experience from different markets to all our customers even better than before.

“Although systems, environments, and content vary, the processes and needs of remote care are very similar regardless of the market. Because our product is easy to configure, the benefits can be enjoyed anywhere”, concludes Lasse Rousi.

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