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What is telehealth’s role in the modern healthcare? Meet us at Future Hospital Nordic 15.9.2021

Digitalisation brings a massive transformation to care at the same time as old hospitals are totally renovated and new hospitals are arising all around the Nordics. It is a complex task for the industry as the future demands for hospitals to shape into institutions that deliver efficient high value care with technology and digitalisation in its core.”

Future Hospital Nordic ’21

The Future of Hospital care is on the plate at the Future Hospital Nordic -event in September. We are joining this discussion from the digital solutions and telehealth’s perspective and giving the floor to our customers at the event.

Finnish Student Health Service: How did telehealth enable to maintain the quality of care during pandemic?

TRAILER | Lasse Rousi, Päivi Metsäniemi | Future Hospital Nordic 2021 from Business Insight Group on Vimeo.

Chief Medical Officer Päivi Metsäniemi at FSHS is sharing the do’s and don’ts they learned after Covid-19 changed the game in healthcare services. What does it take to go through a transformation from a traditional healthcare provider to a leading virtual care provider during only one year?

Garmin x Medixine: Consumer wearables and precision data in remote care – how can it support your treatment plan?

Together with the leading sports and wellness wearables company Garmin we will host a Deep Dive Discussion about the possibilities that consumer wearables have in the hospital care.

The tickets for the event are available, read more from the event website.

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