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Less hospital days, more flexibility

There is increasing evidence* supporting the value of remote monitoring for individuals with chronic conditions, including:

65 %

fewer office visits

6 days

shorter hospital visits

63 %

lower transport costs

47 %

reduction in risk of hospitalization

Let our engine do the work for you

Improve the quality of care

1. Decide what you want to track
You can monitor patients’ vital signs to treat and track various chronic diseases or conditions. The Medixine Suite platform supports devices used for monitoring eg. hypertension, asthma, CHF, diabetes, COPD, or pneumonia. See currently supported devices below.

2. Configure limits and flagging rules
Limits define the out-of-bounds criteria for measurements. We support population-wide and personal limits. You can also define limits as absolute or relative values.

3. Distribute measurement kits to patient
A measurement kit contains the hub device and a Bluetooth measurement device. The patient only needs to perform the measurements as instructed. Measurement data is automatically transferred to Medixine Suite.

4. Focus on the patients that need your attention and care
Our automatic flagging engine identifies patients in need of additional help for you as a prioritized list of cases. These cases can be shared and assigned across the care team. This will help your team to prioritize and organize their daily work.

Learn more about our triage and screening functionalities

Reliable data from the comfort of home

Automatic data transfer

With Medixine’s unique technology, the patient doesn’t need to use complex devices at home. Our Medixine Hub Android app takes care of everything. All the patient needs to do is keep the device on.

1. Patient measures their vital signs at home

The patient can measure their weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, body temperature, or activity level.

2. Result is transmitted to Medixine Suite platform

The measurement result is automatically transmitted via Bluetooth from the measurement device to the hub device and further on to Medixine Suite platform.

3. Values are visible in Medixine Suite for professionals

The measurement values are visible in the professional’s dashboard in Medixine Suite. All deviations from limit values get flagged. Data can also be synchronized with electronic patient records.

Learn more about our triage and screening functionalities

Currently supported measurements and devices

Currently supported measurements and devices

Activity sensor
Beurer AS80

Blood glucose
CareSens Premier
Fora Diamond

Blood pressure
A&D Medical UA-651 BLE

Body temperature
A&D Medical UT-201BLE-A

Blood oxygen saturation
Nonin 3230

Bittium Faros

Spirometry (PEF/FEV)
Vitalograph ASMA-1

Steps and sleep
Apple Watch

A&D Medical UC-Series

Medixine has always been able to catch up very quickly on what the medical problem of research is and what kind of technical solutions could be produced to support it. We have always received the first draft and concrete proposals for solutions to the problems on a fast schedule.

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Tuomas Lumikari
MD, researcher at Helsinki University Hospital

* (Cleland et al 2005; Lee R, Goldberg et al, 2003; Scalvini S et al., 2001; Elsner et al, 2006; Van Ginneken et al 2006)

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