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For wide population screening or patient-centric care

Gain patient insight easier

General health surveys

Pre- and post-operation forms

Research related questionnaires

Self-assessment tests

Easy configuration

Create health-related questionnaires

1. Configure and build your questionnaires
Creating a simple questionnaire is really fast and straightforward. The tool is designed with more advanced logic and complex functionality in mind. We’re happy to help you with the configuration if needed.

2. Publish the questionnaires to individual patients or patient groups
Define how often and at what times the questionnaire should be answered.

3. Decide how you want to utilize the collected answers and how you might optimize your processes based on that data
You can screen patients based on questionnaire answers, like flagging patients who smoke regularly or have very high BMI. Alternatively, notify your care team every time a questionnaire is answered so they can review and decide who needs more attention.

Health questionnaire features

  • Hierarchical questions
    Multi-level question hierarchy to create a clear structure.
  • Visibility rules
    Show or hide pages or questions based on answers.
  • Conditionally required questions
    Set questions required based on answers.
  • Javascript and serverside code support
    Enables more advanced configurations and calculations.
  • Role based visibility rules
    Define a question to be visible or answerable only to certain roles e.g. show question only to professionals.
  • Previous answer as default
    Define if the previous answer is prefilled when patient answers the question again.
  • Save answers as observations
    For example if you ask the patient’s weight in multiple questionnaires, the patient does not have to answer the question again. The answer is automatically prefilled from the previous questionnaire.
  • Large selection of UI components
    To support various types of questions, we provide you a selection of components from basic select lists to sliders and date pickers.
  • Rich content questions
    Liven up your questionnaire with HTML content. Embed videos, images or audio for informational content.
  • Questionnaire specific styles
    Select different themes for your questionnaires.

At their best, good tools like this mean you don’t have to spend time reasoning with your clients: they are much more willing to continue with the treatment and keep going. For us, the right tools have been provided by Medixine.

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Pirita Hämäläinen
CEO, Founder, Psychologist, ABA and behavioral therapist, VERSO Kuntoutus rehabilition

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