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Automate the screening tasks

Follow-up and review patients

Get an overall image of patient’s health

Get population level reports through our dynamic reporting system

Organize your team’s work with automatic triage

Prioritize and organize

Case management features

  • View the lists of flagged patients
  • View unassigned cases and your own cases in separate lists
  • Manage cases and open patient’s record and data for closer review
  • If needed, contact the patient with secure messaging, video consultation or by phone
  • Assign cases to yourself or to other team members
  • Edit case information such as priority, due date or state
  • Write comments about the case to inform your team members
  • Mark cases as completed when you have reviewed the case
  • Configurator: Set up which measurement types have limits associated and which are monitored for out-of-bounds observations

Medixine has always been able to catch up very quickly on what the medical problem of research is and what kind of technical solutions could be produced to support it. We have always received the first draft and concrete proposals for solutions to the problems on a fast schedule.

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Tuomas Lumikari
MD, researcher at Helsinki University Hospital

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